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The ASBMA (Arkansas School Bus Mechanics Association) was founded in the spring of 1949 by the State Transportation Director  J.L Edison. The Association was formed and met at the Arkansas Tech University campus for many years. In the mid 70's the Association moved its conference to Conway High school. The Association is made up of 5 board members and school bus mechanics/technicians from across the state of Arkansas. We are backed by the State Department of Transportation. We are held to a high standard of safety as we transport the most valuable cargo, our children. In 2005, the State Department of Transportation instituted a state bus inspectors group and a group of trainers that go to each school district to inspect our buses and give us annual training in the bus safety procedures. These individuals are made up of previous school bus mechanics and transportation directors.

We encourage transportation personnel to join, we have a membership fee that is collected at the conference that we hold each June. We have vendors that join us at the conferences, providing training and information vital to our mission. 

Our motto is "Moving forward with safety" 



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